Highlights of FEConcepts at Euroshop 2017

On behalf of the teams of FPG, MTI and FEConcepts we would like to thank you very much for your visit to our booth at the Euroshop in Düsseldorf, it was our pleasure to welcome you. Thanks to you and the many visitors from all over the world who visited us we can look back to a very successful show.

During the Euroshop we’ve had the pleasure to introduce our latest innovations that can support you in optimising your food concepts. If you weren’t able to visit us, or just want a quick look back at the show, it is our pleasure to once again present the highlights of Euroshop 2017 to you:


Isoform – Create something exceptional

Euroshop formed the stage of the World Premiere of Isoform, the latest innovation in multi-site and corporate food and beverage displays.


Create a display that is entirely yours. A display that reflects your brand, your identity.

Change your display in an instant to reflect your new (daypart) menus.

Create new excitement of your products with our patent pending pull-out shelves and pod arm product display.

FPG designed dual door system; doors slide and hinge in one system. This allows for easy access when restocking and full width access for cleaning and servicing.



AutoFry offers the easy way to expand your offering by adding fried food to your menu. The AutoFry is a fully enclosed automated deep frying system.

Safe frying in 3 simple steps

Frying with high output and consistent quality during the day

The automated ventless frying solution which doesn’t require external hoods


Barista Milk Refrigerator Drawer

Ergonomically designed as an innovative solution for café environments, the Barista Refrigerated Milk Drawer is the best in class solution for high capacity milk storage

For creating the perfect milk foam, temperature is key. With our easy access open drawer you can hold your milk for hours at the required cold temperatures with the front flap open.

Easy to use: the pull out drawer and front flap prevent bending down to access product

All bottles are stored upright with a gravity fed tray so bottles are always at the front.

Easy to clean: drawer parts are operator removable which allows for easy cleaning.

It’s heavy duty, low maintenance and guaranteed to hold product at critical temperatures.


Supporting you in optimising your sales

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Euroshop and we will be looking forward to support you in further expanding your business.

We are looking forward to contact you shortly and discuss with you how we can support you with optimising your food concept with our innovative solutions.